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The Zhongdao Life Center

Zhongdao -the name of our martial art club and life center- means the golden mean in chinese. We believe in the strength of improving our body, mind and spirit simultaniously. We practise and teach outer and inner styles of chinese martial arts: wudang, shaolin and wing chun kung fu, xing ji, tai chi chuan and chi kung. Also, we do not forget about our hungarian roots, and practise ancient Hun techniques as well. The head instructor and the leader of our club and the life centre is Gergely Világi. He started his martial art carrier with wing chun kung fu almost 20 years ago, but later he acquired other styles as well. Since than he won many national, european championships and an IMAF world cup in 2013. He went to the faculty of natural sciences. Then he built up the Zhongdao Life Center in the south-western part of Hungary, where he teaches everything he knows to those peolpe, who want to improve themselves in a physical, spiritual and emotional level as well. If you are interested in visiting us, feel free to contact us at We speak hungarian, german, english, a little spanish and welcome everybody who is ready for an interesting journey to consciousness...

The Kung Fu Family

We are a loving family with three kids. Whether you want to learn Martial Arts, interested in healing or meditation, or you are simply searching for a special holiday destination, YOU ARE WELCOME AT ZHONGDAO LIFE CENTER.

For further details, contact us at 

7673 Kővágószőlős Hungary


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